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 Hours of Operation

4pm -  8pm weekdays through June 17
After 6/17: 1-8pm weekdays, 12-8pm Saturdays and Sundays

Inclement Weather Policy ☔

Expecting rain? The policy for inclement weather at Ashton Pool is as follows:  

At the sound of thunder, the lifeguard and/or the pool manager will announce the pool is closed. At that time all patrons must exit the pool, but may remain on the pool deck, at their tables, or on the grassy areas. From the last sound of thunder, the pool will remain closed for at least 30 minutes.

If lightning is seen, the pool will be closed for 1 hour and will remain closed from the last visual of lightning. At the sight of lightening, patrons must exit the pool, the pool deck, and the grassy areas. Patrons may stay in the bathhouse or in their cars in the parking lot.


The safety of our patrons is our paramount concern, so the pool may be closed before the first sound of thunder if the lifeguard and/or pool manager feels there is a risk of injury to any person using the facility.

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