Board Members Wanted

The ASHTON POOL BOARD has available openings!! 

Thank You for your commitment to Ashton Swim Club. There will be future positions to fill for the upcoming years.  We are always so grateful to everyone who donates their time to the Ashton Swim and Dive Club! This is a great opportunity to help out your pool that you have a common interest in.  Below are the positions that are available.  The outgoing Board Members have served their terms but are always available to talk you through the position.  If interested please email:

Vice President

The Vice President shall: have and exercise all the powers, authority and duties of the President during the absence or disability of the President, and such other duties as are from time to time assigned by the President. (The President shall be the chief officer of the Club; shall preside at the meetings of the Board of Directors and at all meetings of the members; act as the contracting officer for the Club with respect to all business authorized by the A Board of Directors-and, together, with the Secretary, sign all official contracts, agreements, authorizations and applications pertaining to the Club’s business; serve as Chairman of the Personnel Committee and as such, direct and supervise all employees of the Club, which may be delegated by the President to the Pool Manager; appoint members of Standing Committees in conjunction with respective Committee Chairmen; appoint such other committees and committee chairmen as may be appropriate, subject to the approval of the Board; shall have general supervision of the business and affairs of the Club;shall assist in formulating and promoting the general program of the Club; shall be a member ex-officio of all committees; and shall submit an annual report of the activities of the Club to the membership at its semi-annual meetings.



The Secretary shall: serve as the Chairman of the Bylaws Committee; serve as Recording Secretary and prepare and maintain full records of all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Members of the Club; preserve all books, documents, communications and archives; prepare and report complete returns of all elections; maintain all ballots for at least thirty

days; give, or cause to be given, in the manner prescribed in these Bylaws, proper notice of all meetings of the Members and of the Board; serve as Corresponding Secretary and maintain a file of all correspondence; and together with the President, sign all official contracts, agreements, authorizations and applications pertaining to the Club’s business, and affix thereto the corporate seal; and shall be a member ex-officio of all committees of the Club.


Marketing Chair

The Marketing Chair shall: serve as a member of the Board of Directors; create a vision on how to market the pool to the community and membership. Will work closely with the board to present a unified marketing plan; create and employ social media to keep pool present in community.


Fundraising/ Booster Chair

The Fundraising/ Booster Chair will serve as chair of Fundraising Committee; develop a plan for long term fundraising goals.


Dive Team/ At Large

The Dive Team representative shall be primarily responsible for matters concerning the operation of the Club’s Dive Team, including but not limited to evaluating and selecting salaried and non-salaried staff and representing the Dive Team to the Board, to the Montgomery County Dive League and to other league teams. 

*** Always remember you are not alone in any position. ***  

All the Board Members work together and are extremely helpful to everyone! 

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