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Frequently Asked Questions

NOTICE:  Due to current events, protocols and procedures may differ from usual pool rules. Please check with Ashton Pool Lifeguards for up-to-date information.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes. Each membership is given 5 complimentary pool passes each season, upon receipt of annual membership dues. For the 2023 season, membership dues are due by March 1, 2023. Guest passes are available for purchase on your online account should members pay membership dues after the due date or have used previous guest passes. Each additional pass is $10.00 per guest.

Can I drop my child off at the pool unattended?

Yes. Children between the ages of 10 & 14 shall be permitted on the pool grounds without an adult, only if the parent or legal guardian has completed a Parent Authorization Form. The child must first demonstrate to the pool manager or designee, his/her ability to swim. Both the parent/guardian and child must sign the form to demonstrate an understanding of the rules. We request that your child be on their best behavior while being unattended by a parent or guardian.  Please make sure your child has a ride home by pool closing time and/ or in case of inclement weather.   The manger/operator and lifeguards have the right to ban this privilege if your child can not behave.

Do you have a Lost and Found? 

Yes.  Our lost and found is located in the guard office.  If you think you have left something, please come up to the pool to locate the item(s).  All items in lost and found will be donated to charity if they are not retrieved by Labor Day.

How do I schedule a party?

Have several dates in mind in case the pool is being used for a per-scheduled social activity, meet or by another group. There is a Non-Member fee of $10.00 per guest with discounts available for parties of 6 or more guests (pool members attending your party are free!).

Can I reserve table(s)?

As a courtesy to all members and guest we do not allow the reservation or holding of tables.  Placing an item on a table with nobody actually there will result in the guards placing item in the lost and found. 

What are the dive well hours?

The dive well is open from 1pm to 7pm daily. Please note: The dive well follows the adult swim policy of no minors allowed for 15 minutes, at 45 minutes to each hour the well is open.

How do I get involved?

We always welcome your help! There are many ways to get involved. Board positions require a 3 year commitment. Have limited time but still want to help? Check with the committee chair of the area you are interested in. Call the pool at 301-421-9266 (in season) or e-mail us anytime.




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