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Ashton Pool Rules

NOTICE:  Due to the pandemic, protocols and procedures may differ from usual pool rules. Please check with Ashton Pool Lifeguards for up-to-date information.




These rules have been adopted by the Board of Directors and will be enforced to provide you with safe and sanitary facilities. Please be certain that all Family Members, Guardians and Guests understand these rules. The pool managers and guards have full authority to enforce the health and safety rules on all club property. They may eject any person(s) who fail to observe these rules.


  1. All members must check in at the front desk with number of members in party.

  2. All guests must be formally registered at the front door and must be accompanied by a member.

  3. Montgomery County Health Regulations prohibit children from wearing diapers in any of the pools. Children wearing diapers must wear a cloth diaper with plastic/rubber pants or protective swimsuit and or plastic/rubber pants.

  4. Admission will be denied if anyone shows signs of skin, eye or other potentially communicable conditions.

  5. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult during pool hours. Children between the ages of 10 & 14 shall be permitted on the pool grounds without an adult, only if the parent or legal guardian has completed a Parent Authorization Form. The child must first demonstrate to the pool manager or designee, his/her ability to swim. Both the parent/guardian and child must sign the form to demonstrate an understanding of the rules.



  • NO person shall use the pools or dive well unless they are officially open and guard(s) are on duty.

  • NO Running, Horseplay or Abusive Language/Behavior is permitted.

  • No flips off the edge of the pool; no running jumps into the pool.

  • Children over the age of 6 are not permitted in the wading pool. Children using the wading pool must be accompanied by an adult, within the wading pool fence at all times. All toys must be at least the size of an adult fist. Lifeguards are not responsible for monitoring the wading area; this is the parent/guardian responsibility.

  • Showers must be taken prior to entering the pool.

  • Do not hang/play with the lane ropes.

  • Food, beverages & Chewing Gum are prohibited while in any of the pools. No glass objects of any kind are permitted on the pool property. Members and guests must clean up after themselves. Please help keep the club clean by placing all trash in the trash receptacles provided and clean off tables if used.

  • This is a non-smoking facility – Smoking is not permitted.

  • NO Alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the premises except at a pool function approved by The Board of Directors.


Storm Policy:

  • At the sound of thunder the lifeguard and or the pool manager will announce the pool is closed. At that time all patrons must be either in the clubhouse, or in their cars in the parking lot. From the last sound of thunder, the pool will remain closed for at least 30 minutes. If lightning is seen, the pool will be closed for 1 hour and will remain closed from the last visual of lightning. The safety of our patrons is our paramount concern, so the pool may be closed before the first sound of thunder if the lifeguard and/or pool manager feels there is a risk of injury to any person using the facility.


Cold Weather Policy:

  • Following Montgomery County Guidelines - "During periods of cool weather, outdoor pools will not open when the temperature is below 70 ̊. If the temperature falls below 70 ̊ the pool will stay open unless conditions merit closing for safety reasons."




  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their children/guests.

  • Ashton Swim & Dive Club is not responsible for children left at the pool without proper supervision. Children must be picked up by the pool closing time.

  • Age requirement summary-

    • A. Under 10 – Cannot be at the pool unsupervised.

    • B. Ages 10-14 – Are permitted without an adult only if they parent/guardian has completed the Parent Authorization Form and have passed the swim/dive test. Both parent/guardian and child must demonstrate an understanding of the club rules.

    • C. Children who have not passed the pool test shall not be in water over theirs heads unless directly supervised by adult/guardian.



  • Divers must pass the swim test before they can go off the boards.

  • Do not dive until the preceding diver has reached the ladder.

  • Dive from the end of the board only.

  • Only one person at a time may be on the board and if both boards are in use, Only one diver can dive (Board 1 then Board 2).

  • Exit from the dive well must be done at the ladders only.

  • The manager/guards have the authority to stop any activity which is considered dangerous.


Adult Swim:

  • Adult swim is normally called at 45 minutes to the hour and is for 15 minutes.

  • Adult swim is for age 18 and up only.

  • The managers/guards, at their discretion, may cancel/postpone adult swim.


Lap Lanes:

  • Lap lanes are for the use of people swimming laps. When the lap lane is in use, please refrain from using this area for regular pool play.

  • If the lap lane is not in use, it can be used for pool play.

Volleyball Court/Play Area:

  1. DO NOT hang on volleyball net.

  2. DO NOT throw sand.

  3. Rinse off ALL Sand at the shower next to the 4 square court prior to entering pool

  4. Turn off water after use of shower. 


  •  Unauthorized entry on swimming pool property is not tolerated and shall result in possible prosecution for trespassing and/or revocation of pool privileges.

  •  All costs resulting from property damage will be charged to the responsible individuals.

  •  Pets are not allowed on the grounds.


****The Pool Management shall have the authority to remove members/guests from the Ashton-DeMoss Recreation Club (Ashton Pool) Property and to deny the recreational privileges of that property to any adult/guardian, minor member or guest for violations of these Rules and Regulations. Certain violations may require further review by the Board of Directors which can result in expulsion. All members or guests of Ashton-DeMoss Recreation Club (Ashton Pool) are doing so at their own risk and sole responsibility, and will be held responsible for their actions. All members and guest indemnify and hold harmless Ashton-DeMoss Recreation Club (Ashton Pool) - Directors, Board Members, Officers, Agents and Employees, from and against any claims, damages, injuries, loss of property, any act of natural disaster, violations, proceedings, lawsuits, actions and causes of action of any kind, including costs of attorney’s fees, arising in connection with the use of the pool or pool facility or in connection with the acts or omissions of the use of the pool.

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